Zion Mack: First Birthday

The first birthday brought so many emotions! Excitement. Joy. Tears. Disbelief. Laughter. Pride. Nostalgia. Gratitude.  Zion still feels like my baby, but I’m well aware that he is also a toddler now. Morphing back and forth between needing me so much (as he has for the past year+) to steps — literally, and metaphorically — towards […]

Zion Mack: The Arrival

Last month, Zion turned one. A whole year has passed since he joined us. How could I not began to reminisce about the days and THE day that led up to Zion’s Birth-day. Over the past 12 months, I’ve definitely wanted to write about it, but where to start? Plus, time has passed now – […]

Our First Home

Our first house, although not our first home as a married couple, has been so many things to us. A place to gather and a place to rest. A place where we celebrated good and a place where we learned hard news. A place so full of firsts. Our Home was the Place… We brought […]

Zion Mack: Month 11

Last one of these before ONE! And, due to the whirlwind of the impending move and lots of packing to do, I’ll keep this brief. (For me, anyway!) 😆 Current Favorites TOY: Mint Container FOOD: Strawberries or Meat ACTIVITY: Pulling DVDs out of the cupboard SPOT: The Stairs or The Piano SONG: The A-B-C’s (…still) […]